Event Spaces

Guests at the Field Museum will discover artifacts from civilizations past, explore almost every corner of the globe, learn about new scientific discoveries, and walk away inspired!

Every space at the Field Museum reveals new knowledge.

As you enter Stanley Field Hall, look down. You are standing on 300 million-year-old fossilized limestone.  Look up— the museum’s skylights and solar roof panels contribute to museum conservation efforts to save energy. In Rice Hall, a nearby gallery, travel to Africa and stand toe-to-paw with the man-eating Lions of Tsavo.  Did you know the Lions of Tsavo were given to the museum in 1923 in the form of rugs?  Scientists skillfully mounted the skins into the lions you see today.

Rooms Available for Rent

Stanley Field Hall & Balcony – Capacities: 1,500 Seated/7,500 Reception
East Atrium & Pavilion – Capacities: 350 Seated/500 Reception
Rice Hall – Capacities:  140 Seated/300 Reception
Founders’ Room – Capacities: 100 Seated/125 Reception
North & South Terraces – Capacities: 250 Seated/1,000 Reception
3D Theater – Capacity: 150 Seat Theater

Start Planning Your Event!

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